FRWD Replayer

FRWD Replayer

The FRWD Replayer is a PC software for analysing sports performance
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The FRWD Replayer is a PC software for analysing sports performance.
The new W- and B-Series brings the Sports Computer also indoors. The Outdoor Mode records route, speed, distance, heart rate or RR heart rate, altitude and pitch angels. In Indoor Mode the FRWD W- and B-Series records RR heart rate. You can analyse all the exercise you do in the same FRWD Replayer Software.

The FRWD Replayer PC Software has three main models: Replay, Analyze and Race. The Replay Mode shows the route and altitude profiles as it was recorded. The Analyze Mode shows the performance as a whole. The Race Mode allows you to compare as many as five performances at the same time.

The route can be viewed in both 2D and 3D presentation. 2D route can also be viewed on a map.

The performance can be viewed straight from beginning to the end or one step at a time (one step equals the recording interval of the FRWD Recorder Unit). The Calendar view lets you follow your training regime on a weekly, monthly and yearly level.

FRWD uses a special formula to calculate how intensive and exciting the sport experience has been. The E-Rate can range from zero to thousand. E-Rate is basically just a fun extra feature – even though some people seem to take it quite seriously...

Routes, profile graphs and numerical data can be easily printes from the software.

The FRWD Replayer PC Software supports Google Earth™.


- Permanent records anywhere

FRWD users can store their most exciting moments and best sports experiences. FRWD makes it easy to record sport performances in places where it has not been possible before. The FRWD performance file is the verification of these moments; your top speed or maximum heart rate.

- Monitor when doing your sport

FRWD tells you real-time on your mobile phone (FRWD Mobile Player) how you’re doing while you’re doing it. You can look at e.g. route, altitude, speed and distance in real-time. Getting all out of your sports experience doesn’t end there --- FRWD also lets you relive your best sports moments on your computer afterwards.

- Replay to relive

FRWD lets you to relive your complete sports experience after the performance and adds a new exciting dimension to sports. FRWD keeps you motivated, and maybe even makes you addicted. Every moment and detail – even the excitement – of the sport experience can now be reconstructed and relived.

- Analyze to improve

By analysing performances with FRWD you can improve your performance and physical fitness – and control that process. Your own progress can be analysed by e.g. comparing performances. FRWD motivates you by making it easy to follow your training plan and monitor your fitness.

FRWD provides you with knowledge that helps you to optimise daily training and plan competition tactics. You can compare techniques and the effect speed distribution has on your results. You can also analyse tracks and routes, measure distances and test equipment.

- Race to challenge

Compete against yourself or others by organising virtual competitions. Competing against anyone is possible, because performance files can be sent by e-mail or posted to websites. FRWD enables the best aftermaths there are.

- Remote coaching

Performance analyses are no longer tied to time or place. Performance files can be easily sent by e-mail from continent to continent. FRWD makes remote coaching possible.

- Professional route profile analysis

Thanks to the extremely advanced sensor technology combined with the latest GPS-technology, you can now evaluate and analyse route profile and information accurately. Route measurement parameters like total climb, maximum climb and altitude difference are now available for everyone. In practice this helps e.g. a runner to select the right type of practice route to achieve optimal training results.

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